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Dry Carpet Cleaning

When Cleaning Can't Wait

Many of our clients just can't have down time for their floors to be cleaned, then additional down time for the carpets to dry. For these clients, AECE Building Services offers our Very Low Moisture encapsulation cleaning process.


This process is designed to provide an alternative to the traditional wet/hot water extraction cleaning methods, which can have their short comings with long drying times, shrinkage and wick back. We use environmentally responsible compounds to deep clean your carpets, with Zero Drying Time!


Dry carpet cleaning – Showing You A Clean New Look.


Our cleaning process is safe for babies, safe for pets, beneficial for allergy suffers and safe for all material including wool and natural carpet fibers.

Our system has brought value and benefit to our clients in a range of high volume industries. Business that include Airports, Hotels, Restaurants and showrooms. Allow AECE Building Services to make you our very next client. Contact us today.

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